Can Drones Smell?

Every month we try and write a post about new and exciting things happening in our industry. Certainly, when it comes to drones, we are never short of a story. The pace at which drone technology is advancing means there is a steady stream of reporting on...

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Malaria Fighting Drones

With news that malaria is resurging with a vengeance on Australia’s Doorstep, malaria fighting drones couldn't come at a more opportune time. UNICEF and the Malawi government have been working on a number of projects in Africa's first ever humanitarian...

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Time Magazine Drone Cover

TIME Magazine has created some iconic covers since its inception in 1923. The June 2018 issue is no exception. This month, TIME has recreated its famous cover using drones to showcase its special report on the drone age (an analysis on how drones are...

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Drone Light Show: New World Record

One person, one computer, 1374 dancing drones and a new world record. Last week, Chinese drone manufacturer EHang (most famous for their plans to launch a human-carrying drone) claimed the world record for the most UAVs simultaneously airborne with a 13-minute light...

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Uses For Industrial Drones

As drone technology advances, its applications are spreading into fields many of us hadn’t considered. Industrial applications for drones is one such development, and companies are coming up with ingenious ways to take advantage of this technology. Let’s explore how...

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World’s Best Drone Photos

Image above  - 1st Prize Winner – Category Urban: Concrete Jungle by bachirm Drones have revolutionised the way many of us take photographs and to celebrate this, Dronestagram, a social network dedicated to aerial photography, decided to showcase and recognise the...

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