Uses For Industrial Drones

As drone technology advances, its applications are spreading into fields many of us hadn’t considered. Industrial applications for drones is one such development, and companies are coming up with ingenious ways to take advantage of this technology. Let’s explore how...

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World’s Best Drone Photos

Image above  - 1st Prize Winner – Category Urban: Concrete Jungle by bachirm Drones have revolutionised the way many of us take photographs and to celebrate this, Dronestagram, a social network dedicated to aerial photography, decided to showcase and recognise the...

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Total RPA Australia: Drone Courses Near You

Seeking information and resources regarding drone usage in Australia? If you are planning to use drones in your business, or open up a drone business primarily focused on the use of UAVs, you will require the appropriate coursework and certification. Certain...

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Using Drones in Construction – 5 Advantages

There are a number of industries in which commercial drone use can be extremely advantageous, and more and more businesses are discovering the possibilities all the time. One industry which should certainly not ignore the benefits of UAVs is the construction industry....

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Total RPA offers a range of CASA-approved aerial survey training courses. Get your remote pilot license, your RPA Operator’s Certificate or enrol in drone photography or digital mapping & surveying.