Digital Aerial Photography

Drone Photography Courses That Take Your Art to New Heights

Are you a wedding or event photographer looking to add a unique skill to your toolkit? Total RPA offers one-day courses in the emerging field of drone photography. Growing in popularity with both wedding planners and news editors, our one-day course is a great introduction to the field. We’ll give you the basics you need to start to use your skills in flying and photography together.

Stick around on Friday afternoon and learn all about digital photography. In this training course you will learn all about:

  • Digital cameras
  • Limitations of aerial imagery
  • File types and sizes, getting the best out of your camera
  • Using in camera settings to get best results
  • Imaging processing (Photoshop, light room)
  • Image composition and framing
  • Flying techniques for best image results

Our experienced professional photographers can also give you lots of little tips and tricks that’ll give you an edge in the market. Lots of practical, hands on advice that will see you getting top class photos and video from your set up.

The course is delivered by a professional photographer and photography teacher with over 40 years industry experience.

$220 + GST

Make the most of your drone with our experience

Our drone photography training is offered alongside a full range of UAV certification and education courses, including the CASA Remote Pilot Certificate and drone mapping and surveying. Total RPA has years of experience teaching students how to safely and effectively use their drones. Trust our experience and skill to guide you toward being the best pilot you can.

Interested in any of our training courses? Contact us now on 02 4423 2507 or use the Contact form to enquire or make a booking.

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Basic digital photography (aerial)

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Total RPA offers a range of CASA-approved aerial survey training courses. Get your remote pilot license, your RPA Operator’s Certificate or enrol in drone photography or digital mapping & surveying.