Bio-inspired drones are a new generation of drone currently in development. Mimicking the mechanics of birds, bats, bees and other insects, these tiny and lightweight drones have an almost endless list of potential applications. One UK based company, Imperial Innovations, is currently working on four primary technologies that will further extend the capabilities of bio-inspired drones:

  • On-board 3D printer with polyurethane foam spray
  • String dispensing and perching
  • Spider-like legs with attached propellers
  • Impact protection deployable origami bumpers

With the capability of flying through small spaces at high speeds, these drones are both incredibly efficient and precise.

Potential Applications For Bio Inspired Drones

From autonomous bomb removal to monitoring, maintenance and repair tasks, bio-inspired drones have the potential to limit human exposure to hazardous environments, reduce costs and save time.

Some potential applications include:

  • Military and Defence – remote bomb removal & emergency construction
  • Oil & Gas – Emergency repairs and collecting samples
  • Agriculture – pest control, weed removal and monitoring livestock
  • Humanitarian – emergency shelter construction + search and rescue
  • Construction – inspection and repairs
  • Nuclear Reactor Safety
  • Utilities – emergency repairs and monitoring

Development Of Bio-Inspired Drones

The agility of birds, bats, bees, dragonflies and other insects is the inspiration behind bio-inspired drones. 

One American roboticist, Alireza Ramezani, is working on a bat-inspired robot, drawing inspiration from a ‘bats’ ability to fold their wings into various shapes — an ability that gives them tremendous agility.’

The drone Ramezani is working on is also designed with safety in mind. While traditional drones are made out of hard, rigid materials, bio-inspired drones are made from soft, flexible materials, designed to be harmless to people who come into contact with them. Their flexible bodies also allow them to bounce off obstacles without causing or sustaining damage.

Bio-Inspired Drones In Action

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