Drone Certification  Remote Pilot License

A CASA-Accredited Provider of Remote Pilot Licences


The professionals at Total RPA have years of experience turning students into qualified drone pilots with the proper training. We are one of the only organisations with the CASA accreditation to offer this course. Designed to get you your remote pilot license – formally, our five day drone training course is the perfect thing to kick-start a rewarding career as an RPA pilot. We will teach you everything you need to know about UAV (RPA) systems, aerodynamics, mission planning and preparation, flying at night, and much more. You will learn practical flying skills as well as practical operational skills that will put you a cut above the average pilot. In aviation knowledge is everything.


There are no prerequisites for the RePL course but you will need to have an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) issued by CASA before we can process your Remote Pilot Licence. If you do not have an ARN, you can apply for one here: 

Our 5 Day RePL Course includes the following:

  • 3 Day Face-to-Face Online Theory
  • 2 Day Practical Training
  • Issue of RePL
  • Issue of Radio Operators Certificate
  • Training Drones provided
  • All courses materials provided
  • ‘Drone Pilot’ Hi-Vis Vest
  • ELP (English Language Proficiency) document processing.

RePL Cost $1,990 GST FREE

What if I already hold an Australian Pilots License?

Type Training

If you already hold an Australian pilots licence for aeroplane or helicopter, you don’t have to do a full 5 day course. We can offer you a conversions course and type training. This involves only 1 and 1/2 days of practical and theory training to cover the RPA specific subjects required to issue you with an RePL. We do need you to have some previous drone flying experience before attending this course.


Holds Current Australian Pilot’s Licence Cost $995 + GST

What if I want to use larger Remote Pilot Aircraft?

Sub 25 KG Type Training

If you wish to use larger RPA’s in your operation, Total RPA can offer you type training on a much larger platform than the basic RePL training course. Get trained on our large platform (DJI Matrice 600) and get Sub 25 KG listed on your Remote Pilots Licence. This training can be included as an add-on to our basic course, or if you already have an RePL, we can offer type training only.


From $695 + GST


Professional Training In 7+ Locations

Total RPA provide drone training in Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Townsville, Canberra, & Nowra. We can also arrange different locations upon request.

Upcoming 5-day RePL Course Timetable

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Want to make the most of your drone? Check out our speciality courses available as add-ons to the RePL Course:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the 5 day course held?

A. Total RPA’s main office and classroom is located in Nowra NSW. We also deliver our RePL training in
major cities all around Australia. contact us to find one near you. If you elect to attend a course in Nowra,
ask about our special price.

Q. Do you provide the training drone or do I bring my own?

A. Total RPA will provide you with training UAV (DJI Phantom 4’s & Mavics) for the practical training sessions.

Q. Once I complete this course, do I need to sit an exam with CASA to get my remote pilot license?

A. No. You will sit an inhouse exam with Total RPA at the end of the course, and Total RPA instructors will also
assess you practically on the UAV. Successful completion will result in you attaining the Remote Pilot License (RePL)

Q. Why should I do this course with you and not one of the other operators who provide a similar course?
Total RPA was founded by current commercial pilots and instructors. We have an insight into Aviation in Australia that only 20 years In the industry can provide. We have delivered courses and consulting to many of the current certified Operators in Australia (over 300 at time of writing) including:

  • QLD Government
  • Victoria Police
  • Work Cover Australia
  • QLD Department of Agriculture
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Australia National Rugby Union Team
  • Snowy Hydro

We have also delivered courses and consulting for companies from all sectors of the UAV Industry, including mining, surveying, property and asset photography, mapping and spotting.

Q. Ok, I’m in. How do we proceed?
A. Great to have you on board. Contact us and let us know what you would like to do and we will take it from there.