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To start a serious Drone business, or to add Drones to your existing business, it is highly recommended that you obtain your RePL (Remotely piloted aircraft pilots licence) issued by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. While it may be possible to operate a very small Drone in some circumstances without any licences, any serious business will be far better off by using licensed pilots and having a certified operation. Total RPA will get you started by providing you with all the training and industry know-how. Wherever you are in Australia, we can help your business get airborne!

2 minute explainer videos.

There are many terms and acronyms in the drone world. We have cut through the confusion and created a series of 2 minute videos explaining each topic. Start with simple, correct information.

In this 2 minute video we explain who can fly drones commercially and be paid, and who can not.

In this 2 minute video we explain what licences you need to start using drones commercially.

In this 2 minute video we explain what is included in total RPA’s basic 5 day training course.

CASA-approved remote pilot training packages

Total RPA is your one stop online shop for all your CASA drone certification and Operator’s Certificate requirements. We can assist you to gain both your Remote Pilot Licence through one of our 5 day courses, and your RPA Operator’s Certificate through our Unmanned Operators program. Want to get started right away? Then get in touch now to find out about our new Operator’s Certificate Hire!

Training and consulting packages include:

  • RePL (Remotely piloted aircraft licence) courses
  • Fixed wing
  • Multirotor up to 25 KG
  • ReOC (Remotely piloted aircraft operators certificate)
  • Radio Operator Certificate
  • Night operations certificate of competency
  • Business consulting relevant to this industry
  • Insurance assistance
  • Basic digital photography (aerial)
  • Remote sensing, mapping and surveying (aerial platform)
  • Aviation awareness (manned aircraft training flight)

ReOC assessment and issue

Total RPA are now CASA delegates for RPAS regulatory services. This means that CASA have assessed our procedures, policies and training track record, and have endorsed us with the highest possible recommendation: the issue of an instrument of delegation for RPAS regulatory services.

Find out more about training for RePL online

If you’re after any further information, or to make your booking, please get in touch with us via our online contact form. Whether drone licence, UAV or RPA, our training is available all over Australia, from Adelaide to Brisbane, Sydney to Melbourne and more.

Upcoming RePL Course Timetable

Gold Coast



17,18-24,25 November
16,17 – 23,24 February




26-30 November (RePL training)
30-1 November (25kg Type training)
1-2 December (Advanced mapping and surveying)
4-8 February (RePL training)
8-9 February 25kg (type training)
4-8 March (RePL training)
8-9 March 25kg (type training)


17-21 December (RePL training)
25-29 March (RePL training)
29-30 March(25kg type training)

Sunshine Coast

12,13th – 19,20th January (4 day RePL training)

Australia Drone Certification

Drone Certification

Get the education you need to have the career you want. To pilot a drone, RPA, or UAV for commercial purposes within Australia, you need the proper certification.

Drone Training Courses Australia


Both directors at Total RPA are highly skilled, experienced instructors providing hands on training and certification across all states and territories of Australia.

Looking for the Best Drone Training Courses in Australia?

Total RPA offers a range of CASA-approved aerial survey training courses. Get your remote pilot license, your RPA Operator’s Certificate or enrol in drone photography or digital mapping & surveying.