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Get CASA-Certified Drone Training in Australia with Total RPA.

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Get the education you need to have the career you want. To pilot a drone, RPA, or UAV for commercial purposes within Australia, you need the proper certification.

CASA Delegates

Total RPA are CASA delegates for RPAS regulatory services. This means that CASA has assessed our procedures, policies and training track record, and have endorsed us with the highest possible recommendation: the issue of an instrument of delegation for RPAS regulatory services.

Business & Personal

Both directors and the team at Total RPA are highly skilled, experienced instructors providing hands on training and certification for government, business & individuals across all states and territories of Australia.

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Whether it be remote pilot licence training or RPA operators certificate consulting and training, Total RPA have the experience, knowledge and dedication to get you where you want to be — in the air and generating income.

“I must compliment your team on quality training. Mark was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was serious when he needed to be, yet made the course interesting and fun in the process. You can tell he comes from a long teaching background, as his skills in engaging his students were superb and is an absolute credit to your organisation.

The course structure was well laid out, comprehensive, and presented in an excellent format. The online system with iPad was next-gen, and made for an extremely well structured paperless environment. The fact that I could take the work back to the hotel, and have it automatically connect to the wifi on the supplied iPad was a nice touch, you can tell that it came from a team with an exisiting aviation background. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the course, including the training facility and it shows

I am extremely happy I opted to make the longer journey to the south coast to do it, rather then finding a local training. I will be recommending your course to others without a doubt.”

- Michael Swaine

Convenient Locations

Professional Training in 7+ Locations

Total RPA provide drone training in Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast , Townsville, Canberra, Nowra & other Regional Areas. Based on the South Coast of NSW, we can bring the training to your location for multiple trainees. Customise the schedule to suit your company’s needs, and enjoy group discounts for multiple bookings. Please contact us for more information.

“I found the course to be very professional. The pace of learning was excellent and the instructors really knew their stuff. They took extra time out to make sure we got all the info we needed. I’ll be going back for more, thank you Total RPA.”

- Merv Percival

CASA-Approved Remote Pilot Training Packages

Total RPA is your one stop online shop for all your CASA drone certification and Operator’s Certificate requirements. We can assist you to gain both your Remote Pilot Licence through one of our 5 day courses, and your RPA Operator’s Certificate through our Unmanned Operators program. Want to get started right away? Then get in touch now to find out about our new Operator’s Certificate Hire!


Find out more about training for RePL online

If you’re after any further information, or to make your booking, please get in touch with us via our online contact form on our contact or course pages. Whether drone licence, UAV or RPA, our training is available all over Australia, from Adelaide to Brisbane, Sydney to Melbourne and more.

Training and consulting packages include:

  • RePL (Remotely piloted aircraft licence) courses
  • Fixed wing
  • Multirotor up to 25 kg
  • ReOC (Remotely piloted aircraft operators certificate)
  • Radio Operator Certificate
  • Business consulting relevant to this industry
  • Insurance assistance
  • Basic digital photography (aerial)
  • Remote sensing, mapping and surveying (aerial platform)
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Total RPA offers a range of CASA-approved drone training courses. Get your remote pilot license, your RPA Operator’s Certificate or enrol in drone photography.

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