As you search for the best drone training in Australia, you may come across a number of terms that–at first look–seem a bit confusing. Two of the major terms to know in the world of commercial drone operation are ReOC and RePL, which stand for RPA Operator’s Certificate and Remote Pilot Licence. Although these two terms sound very similar, and while they are necessary in conjunction, they each serve a different purpose. Today, let’s clarify by taking a closer look and breaking down the differences between the RePL and the ReOC.

What is an RPA Operator’s Certificate and Who Needs One?

The RPA Operator’s Certificate, also known as ReOC, covers the business side of things. If you’re planning to start a drone business, or if you have a current business for which you wish to add commercial drone usage, you will need to obtain an RPA Operator’s Certificate to cover your entire business.

The ReOC requires the lodging of an application. Inside this application are significant details regarding the running of your drone business. Details of your intended drone operations, staffing, drone equipment, and more, are included in your ReOC application, which is then submitted to CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority), the official governing body of drone regulations.

Your ReOC covers your entire business, but you must designate a Chief Controller: an individual who holds a valid Remote Pilot Licence.

Who needs a RPA Operators Certificate? Any business intending to fly drones for commercial purposes in Australia.

What is a Remote Pilot Licence and Who Needs One?

A drone business needs both an ReOC and an RePL. The ReOC covers the entirety of the company’s drone operations, while the RePL must be held by an individual drone pilot. (Any drone pilot flying for your business will require their own Remote Pilot Licence).

The Remote Pilot Licence, or RePL, is the official certification needed to operate a UAV or drone. An official CASA Remote Pilot Licence is granted to an individual who has undergone the proper training and is equipped to professionally and safely fly a drone in Australia.

Coursework for the RePL is offered by Total RPA in a 5-day course. This includes vital elements such as aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation and maintenance of your RPA, and more. Total RPA is also the only accredited CASA training provider to offer additional course knowledge in the standard 5-day course. We include night flying, basic drone mapping, and close proximity operations.

How Do I Obtain the ReOC and the RePL?

The best drone training Australia has to offer is found here at Total RPA. While it can seem daunting to obtain both an ReOC and an RePL, we make it very easy for you. We offer services to help you create and lodge the high-level ReOC application. This means faster processing times and fewer errors, so you can get your drone business off the ground sooner.

Our 5-day courses for the Remote Pilot’s Licence are available in various metropolitan areas throughout Australia. Best of all, we offer discounts for packages that include both the ReOC and the RePL, making us a one-stop shop for all your legal drone needs.

For more information on obtaining these drone training essentials with Total RPA, explore our website, or get in touch with us right away.