Drones have revolutionised the way many of us take photographs and to celebrate this, Dronestagram, a social network dedicated to aerial photography, decided to showcase and recognise the best drone photos in the world during their annual drone photography competition.

The 2017 International Drone Photography Contest, the fourth of its kind, was organised in partnership with National Geographic. According to organisers, around 8,000 photos (a new record for the annual photo contest) by both amateur and professional photographers from different parts of the globe were submitted during the event. Jeff Heimsath, photo editor at National Geographic Traveler and one of the judges, said he was “blown away” by the creativity of these photographs.

Guillaume Jarret, managing director at Dronestagram, agreed.

“We were stunned by the great quality of the pictures submitted this year. The level [of talent] has considerably increased, and the technology has, too.”

Because of the sheer number of unique and creative photographs, the judges admitted that they had a hard time choosing the best three photographs in each category (nature, people, and urban). In fact, according to Jarret, the panel of judges wanted to award more photos. Because of this, the contest coordinators decided to create a new category called “creativity” in order to award three extra pictures.

The winners of each respective category are as follows and you can view the stunning images here

1st Prize – Provence, summer trim by jcourtial
2nd Prize – Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan
3rd Prize – Ice formation by Florian

1st Prize – End of the line by Martin Sanchez
2nd Prize – Waterlily by helios1412
3rd Prize – La Vijanera by feelingmovie

1st Prize – Concrete Jungle by bachirm
2nd Prize – Dawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygo
3rd Prize – Peace by luckydron

Special Category: Creativity
Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell
Ugo le marin by rga
Next Level by macareuxprod

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