There are a number of industries in which commercial drone use can be extremely advantageous, and more and more businesses are discovering the possibilities all the time. One industry which should certainly not ignore the benefits of UAVs is the construction industry. Because construction involves such large-scale projects, drones can help generate greater efficiency, saving time, stress, and even money. Take a look at these 5 distinct benefits of using drones in construction, and consider how it might be right for your business.

Tracking Progress is a Breeze

Whatever the scope of your construction projects, a UAV has the ability to gather accurate data from the most advantageous position: the air. Using digital mapping, drones can collect up-to-the-minute information regarding the progress of your project. Data is collected and transmitted in real time and can be compiled almost instantly into reports and documents. This means that your commercial drones are giving you the most vital details, when you need them, and that information is ready to be sent wherever it is needed.

Avoid Initial Errors

The same process can be used for pre-construction land mapping. This ensures your project is off to its most solid start. Professional surveyors and engineers can then use the gathered information to produce the most accurate models, plans, and data sets, even before construction begins. Not only will this prove quicker than traditional methods, the accuracy of today’s drones makes the results even better

Minimise Safety Concerns

Drones give you extra ‘eyes in the skies’, which means it is far easier to spot problems and concerns before they grow serious. When your UAV flies a regular path, the feed can be examined daily to look for issues with the job site and identify risk hazards. Rather than a physical visual inspection, the drone flight allows you to more quickly identify problems and then deploy a team member for repair or adjustment. This saves you money in terms of manpower, and ultimately assures a safer work area.

Involving Interested Parties

For a variety of reasons, individuals or companies who have an interest in the construction project may not be able to be onsite to see how things are progressing. These may be investors or team members in other locations. Drone technology allows them that virtual access, giving them the chance to see firsthand the developments on this project. Drones can even be programmed for the same flight coordinates, making regular progress tracking extremely easy and consistent. In this way, drones serve as an excellent tool for easily connecting large numbers of people on complex projects.

Aerial Photography and Marketing Materials

As you look to your next construction projects, your drone can be of assistance. By gathering high quality digital aerial photography and video, you’re compiling a superlative visual portfolio of your work. What better way to display your past projects than through exceptional images and videos? As you use your UAVs for undeniably useful means, you’re also collecting an array of marketing materials that will help you land your next gig.

Using drones for commercial purposes has an endless number of advantages, in construction and in other fields. If you’re looking to make this happen for your business, get in touch with Total RPA today. We will show you that it can be quick and easy to get your drone business off the ground.