Could your business benefit from using drones/UAVs? While the inclusion of drones in fields such as construction and land surveying may be a more common use of these vehicles, they can have potential benefits for a wide range of businesses. Are you in the real estate industry? Using drones to gather footage of properties can be a great way to advertise homes and land to possible buyers. Do you work in photography? All types of professional photographers and videographers are discovering the advantages of drones for their business. Even wedding photographers are finding that their clients are increasingly requesting drone coverage. Whatever your organisation focuses on, there may be a good chance UAVs could be an effective tool.

How Drones Can Help Your Company

Working with drones in your business is often about increasing your access. From engineering to manufacturing, drones can be used to gather data about difficult-to-reach areas. This is most obvious with large-scale development, when drones are necessary to survey a sizeable area or to collect information on high points of a structure. But drones can be useful more more “mundane” tasks as well, saving time, money, and energy. A great example of this is in a warehouse setting. Should you need to check your inventory or even retrieve an item (depending upon the size and load-bearing potential of the UAV) sending a drone to the far reaches of your massive warehouse can shave hours off of the manual work needed to track or find products.

In many industries, drones also supply better accuracy. The technology which allows for expert land surveying and land mapping enables surveyors to work with more accurate data. This saves them time, but also limits errors and ensures better information is then provided to engineers, architects, and developers.

How Other Businesses are Using Drones

Drone technology is inspiring creativity and ingenuity in Australia and beyond. Here are a few examples of how entrepreneurs and business owners are harnessing UAV capabilities in their industry:

–Content creators are using drones to compiled dynamic marketing videos and travel guides

–Roofers are working with UAVs to assess roofing conditions and identify leaks/problem areas

–Drones have played a role in search and rescue during emergency situations. By equipping the vehicle with an infrared sensor, missing persons can be found via heat maps.

–Drones have use in agriculture. Farmers can observe crops in distant fields remotely via drones. They can also distribute pesticides or test soil moisture.

What You Need to Do to Use Drones in Your Business

If you’re planning to use unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes, you will need to obtain a CASA RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC). This will apply to your whole business. The primary operator, or Chief Controller, must also hold a valid CASA Remote Pilot Licence. This might sound overwhelming, but with the right drone training courses, you can be ready to go in no time.

Total RPA can help. Not only do we offer the best UAV coursework in Australia, we’re also CASA instrument of delegation holders, meaning we are able to help you get your drone business started faster, simpler, and at a reduced cost. You don’t have to deal directly with CASA, we do this on your behalf and issue you with your own ReOC. Want to specialise? We offer courses in surveying and aerial photography as well, to help you sharpen your skills to their very best.

Want to use drones in your business? Don’t delay. Contact Total RPA to discover just how straightforward the process can be.