Adelaide Drone Training Courses

On the hunt for UAV coursework in Adelaide? If you’re a South Australian business owner intending to implement drones in commercial use, you will need the appropriate certifications. Total RPA offers the training and application assistance you need. For a drone business, both the Remote Pilots Licence and RPA Operator’s Certificate are necessary. We’ve got an exceptional RePL course to get you situated with drone operation essentials. With 4 to 5 days of classroom-based coursework, you’ll be ready to fly. The ReOC requires an application, which we can help you lodge and process successfully.

Why choose Total RPA for your Adelaide drone training? First, our team has extensive experience, with more than a decade of training remote pilots. This means we’re well-equipped to deliver outstanding coursework at every level. Second, we’re an instrument of delegation holder for CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority). While there are around 30 UAV training centres in Australia only one or two are chosen as delegates. Our selection to carry this distinct honour demonstrates our long-standing reputation for excellence, and enables us to provide better and faster service to our clients.

If you’re looking for the best training for drone pilots in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to reach out to Total RPA for more details or to register.


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Looking for the Best Drone Training Courses in Australia?

Total RPA offers a range of CASA-approved aerial survey training courses. Get your remote pilot license, your RPA Operator’s Certificate or enrol in drone photography or digital mapping & surveying.