Seeking information and resources regarding drone usage in Australia? If you are planning to use drones in your business, or open up a drone business primarily focused on the use of UAVs, you will require the appropriate coursework and certification. Certain certificates and licences are required to operate a drone for commercial purposes in Australia. Fortunately, the process to obtain these necessities is fairly straightforward, and with a drone training provider like Total RPA, you’ve got opportunities right in your area.

What Drone Businesses Need

You will need two essential items to fly drones commercially. Your business must obtain a CASA RPA Operator’s Certificate, or ReOC. This is the official documentation that entitles you to work as a drone business, and necessitates lodging an application which outlines the details of your business. No coursework is needed for this certificate, but the application is somewhat extensive. We can help you complete the process more efficiently at Total RPA. Click here for more details.

A business must be certified through CASA to fly drones commercially, but to actually operate these UAVs, a Remote Pilot Licence is the next step. When you lodge your ReOC application, you will designate a primary pilot. This is a lead individual who holds the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), but any pilots who will be operating drones must have this licence as well.

How Our Courses Work

It doesn’t take years or even months to get your RePL. In fact, you can be ready with a 5-day intensive classroom course. CASA-official coursework is vital to ensure you are not only a pro at controlling your drone, but that you understand related sciences and safety details. A Total RPA RePL course covers all the main areas of knowledge: aerodynamics, meteorology basics, and planning and preparation for missions, navigation, UAV maintenance, the systems/functionality of drones, and lastly, human factors. With both text-based and practical study, your 5-day course will fully equip you to be a licenced, accomplished drone pilot ( the course runs for 4 days in select cities).

Where Drone Courses are Available

We offer RePL training in major metropolitan areas throughout Australia. These include Nowra, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Sunshine Coast. You can check our schedule to find out when the course will next be offered in your area.

Should you choose to come to Nowra, our home location, we will provide an all-inclusive package that handles your accommodation as well.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about what Total RPA can do for you.