Are you interested in drone photography? If so, join the masses who are quickly discovering the benefits of using drones in photography for both business and leisure. Aerial photography via drones allows us to see the world from a new perspective, and create art from fresh angles. This is an advantage for all kinds of work and creativity. Travel photographers are showcasing places from the sky. Surveyors and contractors are using photographic equipment to better plan their land development. And hobbyists are discovering that flying a drone is just plain fun.

In Australia, you need the appropriate certification to fly drones for commercial purposes. In addition to the necessary Remote Pilots License as approved by CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority), those seeking to earn an income through digital aerial photography should invest in proper drone photography coursework. If you’re enrolled in UAV certification from a reputable training provider such as Total RPA, you can take photographic coursework alongside your primary training. Read on to find out more about this valuable course opportunity.

Using drones in photography

Should you use drones in your Australian photography business? There are so many reasons that drone photography is a useful skill to have and numerous ways in which it could be a boost for your business. Professional photographers need this skill to stay competitive in today’s market. Commercial and wedding photographers will find that more and more clients are requesting aerial shots, and drone work definitely adds a unique service to your toolkit. But drone photography can benefit many other business professionals as well. Real estate agents, for instance, are finding that drone photography can take their property sales to the next level. Showcasing a home from the air is a great way to garner the interest of potential buyers and give them a real-time experience of a property’s layout, size, and features.

What you’ll learn in a digital aerial photography course

No matter what commercial purposes you have for your drone photography, a strong course can give you the solid foundation to be your most productive and professional. With total RPA’s aerial photography course, you’ll discover the capabilities (and limitations) of drone photography. Not only will you be taught the optimal ways to fly your UAV and how to capture images like a seasoned expert, you’ll learn tips and tricks for better post-production and practical suggestions for file storage, photo file size, and much more. This one-day course can transform your drone photo skills, so why wait to enroll?

What do you need to operate a drone in Australia?

Australia is fortunate in that we’re on the cutting edge of commercial drone usage. We were one of the first nations to put regulations in place for remotely powered aircraft, and this has proven beneficial to all. If you’re hoping to use a UAV/drone for business or commercial purposes, you will need to obtain the proper certifications. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do! Check out our post which outlines the courses you might need in your commercial operation for further details. And remember, our courses are Australia-wide, making it easier than ever to get the certifications you need fast. We’ll see you soon!